The idea for this site was born when I searched the web for pictures of some coastal features in Cornwall and found the Geograph British Isles project. I was intrigued by the project's philosophy immediately, and I was wondering more and more why there is no such project for my region.

However, I would have never been able to get such a project going on my own. I was lucky that the maintainers of provided me generously with the source code and helped when I had problems and stupid questions. Thanks a lot, especially to Barry Hunter.

Thanks for ideas and help with the German project go to Stephen Hocker and Christian Lipp. Ulrich Meier has done a lot of work improving the maps (e.g. lakes in Bavaria, coast lines). I wouldn't have been able to import all the information about counties and districts without his great help. He and Sebastian Ballard do most of the moderation which enables me to spend a bit more time on web development.


Most of the borders are taken from OpenStreetMap. Many thanks also to geoclub user "flopp" for his help.


The coordinates of the towns have been partially taken from OpenGeoDB.


Many thanks to "Nop" for allowing us to include the Wanderreitkarte and to Andy Allan for allowing us to include the OpenCycleMap.

Map data

The static mapnic tiles for the draggable map are made from OpenStreetMap data provided by GEOFABRIK as a dataset reduced to German features.

Digital elevation model

The "Relief" tiles for the draggable map are made from CIAT data. "Nop" (Wanderreitkarte) provided helpful suggestions regarding tile rendering.

Credits page of

Here's all the people and technologies that make this site possible...

Original Idea




Mapping & Location Data


Supporting Sites

The following support Geograph in various functions:

NOTE: use of these features does not imply endorsement by the host organizations


This project relies on the following open-source technologies:

PHPExternal link SmartyExternal link adodbExternal link MySQLExternal link powered by SphinxExternal link memcachedExternal link

Code Libaries

We have reused code from following open-source projects:

Without all of the above this site wouldn't be possible, thanks to everyone involved!

We also strive to adhere to the following standards:

XHTMLExternal link CSSExternal link Bobby WorldWide Approved 508External link
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