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Here is a list of contributors in the past 7 days, ordered by number of images submitted (see FAQ for details). The "pending" column gives some idea of how much each person will climb when their pictures are moderated!

The all-time top 150 leaderboard is also available.

Last generated at 07:44 and covers all submissions since Sunday, 19 May at 07:44

PositionContributorNew ImagesPointsPending
1stAndreas Gmelin-Rewiako 116 7
2ndHarald Sogl 91 42
3rdMichael W 48 23
4thSchön-R 28 15
5thGraham Hogg 21 1(5 pending)
6thKlaus G 14
7thBMG1900-Anhalt 10
8thSiegmar Schmidt 8 6
9thKlaus Graßmück 3 1
10thSchöne-Phila 1 1
11thRobert Harvey 0 (15 pending)
 Totals 340 96(20 pending)

Daily Submission Rate

Here's a graph of average daily submissions for the last few weeks...
daily submission rate graph

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