Title and Comments - Style Guide

This guide is result of a discussion in the Forum.
Remember images are used in lots of difference contexts, so consistent style helps keep everything looking tidy.

Sentence case is recommended for titles and comments, with only the first character capitalised. However, capitalise proper nouns (names of people, organisations or places), postcodes or grid references.

Titles should not have a full stop. Comments should be fully punctuated.

Title examples:

Peacock butterfly on teasles, near Towersey

Peacock in the grounds of the Old Mill

Warwick Castle - the Peacock Garden

Comment examples:

Windmill Hill, site of the battle of Vinegar Hill 1798, offers astonishing views in all directions. The site is 1km east of Enniscorthy.

The landscape at the north east end of the Vale of Belvoir is flat; in this square it only ranges from about 28-31 metres above sea level. The hedge line on the horizon is the county boundary with Leicestershire.

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